2BE4 Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump

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Product Details
2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump is our new products developed based on our old 2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump. It is single stage flat sided liquid ring vacuum pump It has been engineered to deliver improved performance, reliability, and efficiency. Compared with old 2BE3 liquid ring vacuum pump, 2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump adopting new type of bearing which is more reliable in operation and lower in bearing temperature.

2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump can provide efficient operation over vacuum range from 160mbar-1013mbar without any need to change the pump internal parts. Our 2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump is available in 20models, with capacity ranging from 2,000 to 32,300 m3/h. When equipped with a center shroud inside pump casing, split vacuum operation up to 400 mbar differential can be achieved.

To satisfy the customer's different ways of installation, both top and side inlet and outlet are opened and machined, our standard pump material is cast iron, for special application, pump in stainless steel SS304, stainless steel SS316L, stainless steel SS321, duplex stainless steel SS2205 and cast iron pump with stainless steel flow parts are available. It is the ideal pump for demanding environments like the paper, power, mining, and chemical process industries.

We offer same outline dimensions for bolt-on replacement and equivalent performances with original Nash 2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump. Every product of the company, from casting, fasteners, machining, assembling, testing, painting and package will be strictly inspected before shipment.

Whether you have an existing vacuum pump operating in your plant that is in need of service, repair, or replacement with a new 2BE4 liquid ring vacuum pump, we are able to provide the reliable performance you expect.

Main data sheet

Main Type:

2BE43 series liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE44 series liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE45 series liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE46 series liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE47 series liquid ring vacuum pump

2BE4 series liquid ring vacuum pump with center shroud special for paper industry

Production range

Suction capacity from 150 to 32300m3/h.


Cast iron, SS304, SS316L , SS321, SS2205, flow parts with Stainless steel or ceramic coating

Available flange   connection

ISO metric standard and ANSI standard

Standard production   time

45 days for cast iron pump

60-90 days for stainless steel pump


Material certificate, dynamic testing report, hydraulic testing report, testing report, bearing original certificate and other customer required certificates are available to provide.


By sea, airfreight or courier according to clients requirement.

Quality Certification

With ISO9001:2015 certificate, CE and Atex certificate for European Union,

Main Application

◆ Pulp and paper industry

◆ Mining Industry

◆ Sugar Industry

◆ Chemical industry

◆ pharmaceutical industry,

◆ Environment industry

◆ Processing Industry

◆ Food and Beverage Industry

◆ Electric power industry

◆ General Industry https://www.zhaohanvacuum.com/liquid-ring-vacuum-pump/large-vacuum-pump/2be4-liquid-ring-vacuum-pump.html

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