Trailer Mounted Concrete Mixer

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asked Jan 13, 2021 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_kXrVE7Pw (200 points)
Features of Concrete PumpHigh quality small portable trailer mounted concrete mixer equipped with high efficiency concrete pumping system.Hydraulic double-cylinder piston system, make the trailer mounted concrete mixer more stable flow, more uniform and stable spraying.Dual-piston alternately working, manual and automatic hydraulic synchronous lubrication system, longer mortar piston life.Further optimized pumping flow path to reduce the pumping resistance and the probability of tube block.Advanced hydraulic system.Adaptive adjustment technology, smart matching of operating conditions, easy and flexible for any construction occasion.High pressure large displacement system, pumping displacement is up to 80m3/h, outlet pressure can reach 15MPa, pumping height is up to 200m.Electronically controlled reversing technology, fast and soft commutation, good pumping continuity.High reliability and wear resistance components, imported brand main hydraulic components.

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