Mandatory specifications of Soliom wireless cameras

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asked Jan 12, 2021 in H&E by soliombirds60setup (460 points)

When you are into smart devices but are not aware of every type of troubleshooting then you must have a technical support team 24*7 at your services, in case you need any such help, please feel free to connect us on 1 818 334 2386. Purchasing such technically advanced devices could be a very brainstorming moment because there we need to search for several special features that we need for our home surveillance. Thus, in this article, we will enlighten you with the mandatory specifications of Soliom solar outdoor camera that are going to help you in comparison and decision making.


Some of the common specifications that you will found in every soliom wireless outdoor camera are solar panels, real accurate motion detection, HD night vision, wireless settings, wide-angle coverage, waterproof, two-way talk, cloud recording etc. So these are some of the basic specifications that you will get in every device of soliom apart from that every device will also have additional features which means that the price and quality of the product will also increase. So whenever you are going to purchase the home security camera devices you could have a look at the specifications and find whether it fits into your preferences or you could find something better than it.

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