How to Air Dribble in Rocket League

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asked Jan 11, 2021 in H&E by hanseceramictile (180 points)

The plan is to get the ball to roll up the wall smoothly and you can either drive at the ball to do this with a little bit of pace or flip at the top half of the ball to give it only a little bit of topspin and the ball can remain grounded and roll smoothly. Only practice driving into the ball as it’s easier to calculate the pace, there’s no magic height on the wall, the ball needs to be for you to do an air dribble, so having the ball up the wall gives you more height to work with, which means you can use less boost to try to drive the ball up after you’ve begun the dribble, make sure you get a clean separation between the ball and the dribble. Improve your gameplay to get more RL items.

– A hit on the net. The first, perhaps even the single most important part of the entire dribble mechanic, hits the ball at an angle that leads it directly to the center of the net, if you forget any other step of this process, remember that it will make almost everything else go smoothly in the dribble and enable you to use less boost adjustment to make it there, if you hit the ball just perfectly, it’s If you noticed that it was heading to either side of the net, it would have been hard to perform an air dribble.
– The middle of the car struck it. Make sure that your ball contact point is positioned between your headlights, the point is that you can take your car along for the ride at the perfect angle to the net of your opponent, if you hit the ball properly, your car will already be facing the perfect direction to practically follow the ball and get your first touch in the air, but if you hit the ball with the lower edge of the ball,
-Perfect authority. Discover the perfect amount of strength. This one is pretty easy to do if you do the first two steps correctly, but it takes some mention, your car can’t go too much faster at the point of contact than the ball, or your car would literally fly above the ball and make it practically impossible to perform a dribble. What’s going to happen is that you’re just going to have access to the side of the ball making it more of a drive instead of a dribble, the problem with this is that when you do a push, you’re not really in control of the full speed of the ball, if the ball goes supersonic you become predictable and thus easier to defend against, if you’re going higher than the ball continuously, you might not be gettingttt.

The First Touch
This part will be a lot easier if the first two sections are going well. But after the point of contact, it’s still tough, you have a narrow time frame before you need to leap off the wall and roll air towards the ball, this time frame varies, but at most, it’s half a second, the reason is that you want to make the first touch before the ball starts to fall downwards, if the ball is allowed to gain momentum downwards, it will take a big love. Jumping a split second or two after the point of contact is what you’re going to concentrate on, this will give you the fraction of a second, you need to determine where the ball is going and jump for it properly. A pro tip for this is to avoid driving after the point of impact on the wall, if you begin to accelerate forward, you can drive too far above or in front of the ball pretty quickly and make your jump harder. You want to close the gap between you and the ball quickly enough when approaching the ball that the ball does not begin to descend, but not so fast that you unintentionally eat it out of your control on the first touch, aim for the lower part of the ball, this is the sweet spot for dribbling, you have to catch it finesse here, when it is in its state of weightlessness between rising and falling a Then let out a little more boost after you hit the ball to close the distance you’ve probably just made from your first touch experiment with a ball cam and car cam after you leap off the wall.

Actually, if you finished the previous three sections correctly, the dribble is the simplest part. If you’re on the sweet spot of the ball, you have all the control over your opponents, you can fall softly with the wall internet, you can also choose to leave the ball and remove your opponents by going for a demo if you invest boost to guide the ball into the exact position you want to go in the net. One rule to live by here is to try to keep yourself from going supersonic, unless you’re comfortable with where the ball goes, because if you’re supersonic, you’re going to lose control of the ball’s trajectory, because you’ve got this mechanic down, you’re going to realize it’s opening the door to a lot of higher mechanics.

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