Second nature for cheap Mut 21 coins

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asked Jan 11, 2021 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

Why would EA release a roster DLC when individuals will pay $60 to get a roster DLC? One match every five years would mean people would not have to restart their Madden 21 coins teams every year. You're right, of course, a brand new release schedule would be a massive advancement --If EA handled it professionally.

But what they would inevitably do is cost $20 for brand new rosters, find a new way to milk MUT, and make few to no modifications differently. It would not lead to a much better match. It would just change how players get screwed.

Personally do not believe the game is that bad, but perhaps past experience with more glitchy game series is clouding my judgment.

Until it will become second nature for cheap Mut 21 coins you and you also have to consciously stop yourself from making puns so the people today dont stop talking to you. I'm speaking from experience btw. Puns, such as anything, are great in moderation.

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