There's no immediate need to OSRS gold

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asked Jan 7, 2021 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

Since it's now there's no immediate need to OSRS gold switch over, but they would be quite ignorant to not have some kind of large scale client updates coming in the next 1-5years. Everyone knows the vanilla customer is obsolete af and at all honesty over 50% of gamers utilizing 3rd party customers for the sport is absurd.

I see exactly the very same issues and experience the very same issues as a participant of this game too. There seems to be a focus on OSRS over Jagex than there's ever been before, so I am hopeful we will see more positive change.

I'd advise keeping an eye out for the Gazette posts we place on the site. I understand they've been delayed somewhat recently, but the latest one will be posted soon and they go into more detail about certain topics than I can!

Pretty sure they've been discussing issues with the motor for 6 years now. It will never get fixed if the project is never started.

I really hope they start looking into Buy Runescape gold it because I think that it isn't too late yet. The game is doing good and there are more new items planned for the is still a good alternative. It fixed the problem on rs3. It doesn't matter how long it takes because we need a permanent fix rather than band-aid fix

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