Great-Amplitude Shaking Screen

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asked Dec 24, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_F8oOOi7r (400 points)
Great-Amplitude Shaking ScreenIt's suitable for screening granular or powder particles that are formed by granulation process and have low strength.The moving track of screen mesh is changing between the feeding end and the discharging end, gradually from circular motion to elliptic tracks ,with long and short axes of different length. ?The diameter of circular track is 90mm, the length of long and short axes of elliptic tracks changes between 90 to ?0mm and the shaking frequency is 200 times/min. As a result, the material is made to have a big slide and being screened. ?This model is especially suitable for fine classifying low density powder or granular materials with a large volume capacity. ?They adopt a three-layer fully closed structure, with each deck's ?screening area 8.1m222, can obtain at one time four products of different size fractions.

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