garbage disposal deals

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asked Dec 19, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Fj7JpQXX (560 points)
According to the processing method, the food waste processor is divided into crushing type: the food waste is ground into the Forbidden City, crushed and mixed with water to form a commercial form and directly flushed into the sewer;Slash-and-dry: It separates the water of food waste from the solid ignorance and then takes the water away from the water basin, leaving the solid material compressed into blocks for easy preservation and treatment.Dc type: high idling speed.(about 35,000 RPM), generally speaking, the efficiency and torque are higher than that of the AC machine. When the load is combined (when there is food waste coming in), the rotation speed is about 2600 RPM, and the noise will increase accordingly.Compared with AC machine, DC machine cost is lower, is the economic first choice.Ac machine: no-load speed is low, (about 1800 RPM), but the load state speed and noise will not have much change, used in such as washing machines, industrial vacuum cleaners and other power gun gold electrical appliances, but with higher manufacturing costs, the overall price is also high.

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