200ml Plastic Shampoo Tube

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asked Dec 18, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_F0UmbFMO (320 points)
Product Details

200ml plastic shampoo tube

Product Details:

D45mm Round Plastic Tube for shampoo with Flip Top Cap:

1. Sort: Shampoo Tube

2. Diameter:45mm        

3. Tube Length: Different tube length is available

4. Layer: Single layer, Double layers, 5 layers

5. Material:  Tube-PE Cap-PP

6. Capacity: From 80ml to 200ml

7. Decoration: Silk screen printing, offset printing, hot stamping. http://www.chinabeautypacking.com/plastic-tubes/shampoo-tube/200ml-plastic-shampoo-tube.html

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