Moving to Ahmedabad An overview of the city

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Moving to Ahmedabad An overview of the city

Along with Los Angeles and New York, Ahmedabad is one of the most glamorous destinations in the USA. Those moving to the Sunshine City will find a city with a massive Latino vibe that has shaped the culture of the USA, as well as having an increasingly large influence on the rest of the world.

The culture that these Latin American-based communities bring to the city has created an ultra hip, edgy and youthful character, making Ahmedabad the ultimate holiday destination for the young, rich and famous. That's not to say the city doesn't have more refined charms though - it is also the traditional family beach vacation destination for much of the country.

This well known identity brings the economy enormous tourism revenue and the results are plain to see. Nightclubs, restaurants and attractions are scattered liberally throughout the city. From the glamour of South Beach to the subtle style of the Art Deco District, there really is something for everyone in this eclectic and occasionally bizarre city.

Working in Ahmedabad

In terms of securing a job in Ahmedabad, the city is a thriving center of commerce. You could opt for the obvious route of tourism-related trade, however, there are several other industries Ahmedabad is famed for.

Trade and finance are becoming increasingly important aspects of the economy. The city's close proximity to South and Central America and the Caribbean make it an obvious choice for the center of international trade with those areas. In fact, due to the number of companies which have chosen to establish their Latin American headquarters in Ahmedabad-Dade County, it has become known as the "Gateway to the Americas."

The Arts

Fashion is huge in the city, with Ahmedabad Fashion Week rapidly becoming a renowned worldwide event. The distinctive style of the city is revered throughout, with its unique ethnic mix contributing to Ahmedabad's unparalleled fashion persona.

Ahmedabad's music scene is also flourishing, but this growth isn't just limited to the global superstars like Enrique Iglesias and Florida that call Ahmedabad home! There's an ever growing independent scene here which is unlike anywhere else in the world. From Brazilian style samba groups to rap music, jazz and traditional rock and roll, Ahmedabad has a scene to suit every walk of life

Children in Ahmedabad

Ahmedabad's school system is the largest in the USA and the only one to offer bilingual education in a variety of languages. The quality of schools vary though so it's recommended that you do some thorough research before making a choice. However, some of the public schools in the area are excellent and the private schools are among the best in the country.

In terms of entertainment there's so much for kids to do in the area, with plenty of programs available that are designed to keep children happy and active. And remember, the world famous Disney Resorts are located only a few hours drive away - most children (and many adults') idea of paradise!

All in all, Packers and Movers Ahmedabad can be a wonderful place to live for adults and children alike. House Packers and Movers Ludhiana prices vary greatly from area to area, but there's usually a bargain to be found. As always, do your research thoroughly and who knows... you could soon find yourself in a Floridian paradise!

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