How to preserve thermal paper in 5 easy steps

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Thermal paper is one of the elements most used by everyone in daily life, and its main use is in stores because when buying something we are given a ticket, which is made on this paper.
And sometimes it is extremely important that we store these receipts for an indefinite period of time.
If this is your case, and you find yourself in the need to save a receipt or something else that is made with thermal paper, buy paper rolls from, in this article we are going to show you which is the correct way to conserve thermal paper and what are the tips that you must consider in order to keep it in good condition. So let's get started!

What happens if it is not stored correctly?
The main disadvantage of thermal paper is that, if not stored correctly, it will start to show stains; which will prevent the content of this receipt from being seen.

And in order to make any use of these tickets, it is essential that the information it includes remains intact.

So, in order to keep the information on your receipt, we will indicate the steps you must take to preserve the thermal paper correctly.

Steps to preserve thermal paper
The steps to preserve the paper will be the following: keep it away from light, store it in the right place, make a copy, keep order, and take care of the temperature. Do you know why thermal paper rubs off?

Now we are going to analyze one by one the steps that you will have to carry out.

Keep it out of the light
Light is one of the main enemies of this type of paper, which is why it is best to keep it away from light sources.

Regardless of whether the light is natural or artificial, it can damage the paper, so you should find a place that stays dry and cool, and that is away from light sources.

On many occasions the furniture has a lamp to facilitate the use of them; however, these lamps tend to have a considerably high temperature.

That is why you should also select a place to store your thermal paper that is not near a lamp or other electronic device.

The right place to store
It is possible that one of the first places where we think about keeping our receipts is in the wallet, or in some bag; Well, you should know that this is one of the worst decisions we can make, so avoid it.

In general, thermal paper is sensitive to changes in temperature and friction.

how to protect the thermal paper

That is why we recommend that you do not store it in places where it can have a lot of friction with other objects, which in addition to being able to puncture the paper, can cause damage to the information contained, or make the paper completely unusable.

The most recommended thing is that if you have a drawer, or place to store documents, you keep it there, as long as it is inside a folder and fastened with a paper clip.

In this way, you will prevent the paper from being damaged by perforations and not having friction with other materials.

Make one or more copies
In order to ensure that your receipt is always available, it is best to have a copy of the receipt.

In this way, you will minimize the risks that the information on the voucher will be damaged, and if so, you will have a backup to be able to carry out any procedure that requires such information.

Copies are extremely reliable because plain paper is much stronger than thermal paper; So if you want to keep the receipt on thermal paper, you should follow the other tips, but having a backup plan is always a good idea.

Another tip you should follow is to keep the copy and the receipt together, whether you decide to use a staple or a simple paperclip, but it is recommended that they be kept together in the same place.

Keep order
Once your receipt for thermal paper is well stored it is important that you keep the order of said storage place so that all your documents are always kept in order.

The main reason for this is that when we do not have orders, we usually carry out searches that last longer than necessary, in which we could also cause friction in the receipt and even damage it by tearing it.

Take care of the temperature
This is rather an advice, and although we already mentioned it in previous steps, something of the utmost importance when conserving thermal paper is to take care that it is not exposed to sources of high temperature, as this could cause irreparable damage to the paper, causing it to lose its functionality completely.

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