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A Solutions Architect needs a tough stockpiling answer for these records that additionally secures against clients inadvertently erasing significant reports. Which activity will ensure against unintended client activities? A. Store information in an EBS volume and make depictions once per week. B. Store information in a S3 container and empower forming. C. Store information in two S3 containers in various AWS Exam Questions areas. D. Store information on EC2 occasion stockpiling. 4) An AWS Exam Questions application requires an exceptionally accessible social information base with an underlying stockpiling limit of 8 TB. The information base will develop by 8 GB consistently. To help anticipated traffic, in any event eight read reproductions will be needed to deal with information base peruses. A Solutions Architect is planning a basic business application with a social information base that sudden spikes in demand for an EC2 occasion. It requires a solitary EBS volume that can uphold up to 16,000 IOPS. Which Amazon EBS volume type can meet the presentation necessities of this application? A. EBS Provisioned IOPS SSD B. EBS Throughput Optimized HDD C. EBS General Purpose SSD D. EBS Cold HDD 6) A web application permits clients to transfer requests to a S3 basin. The subsequent Amazon S3 occasions trigger a Lambda work that embeds a message to a SQS line. 


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