Hog Bristle Brush Strips

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asked Dec 10, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Lus781BR (180 points)
Product information:Pig bristle brush stripBrush wireWhite bristles、Black bristles、Boar bristles、Nylon silk bristle mix、Plastic silk and bristle mixBristle length5㎜——60㎜Bristle thickness3mm、4㎜、4.5㎜、5㎜、6㎜、7㎜、8㎜、9㎜、10㎜.etc.Strip lengthCustomized on requestBrush shapeRing, square, curved, strip, etc.Mounting baseAluminum base, iron base, steel base, rubber base.etc.useDust removal, anti-static, high temperature resistance, oil absorption, etc.Product description● pig bristle fill metal back strip brush● Pig bristle brush can effectively prevent static electricity generation● Bristles can effectively absorb grease● Pig bristle is a natural sharpening wire that protects the product from wear and tear during dust removal and scrubbing.● Maximum temperature is 300 degrees Fahrenheit● Made in China, factory direct sales, price concessions!Product UsagePolishing machinery, brushing, and other electronic accessoriesCustomer questions & answers?Question:Will the bristle brush's bristles fall off easily?Answer: When the pig bristle brush is just produced, there will be slight hair loss, but after treatment, the bristles will not fall.Question:Can the brush provide samples?Answer: Samples can be supplied and the samples are free of charge. The sample delivery time is based on the simplicity or complexity of the brush, and it can be shipped within three days of normal conditions! http://www.ssbrush.com/strip-brush-holder/brush-strips/hog-bristle-brush-strips.html

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