Best Cheap Canister Vacum Cleaner

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_9Mymg51n (1,180 points)
Machine Specification:
1. Flat suction. It is mainly suitable for small area corners and crevices which are difficult to clean at ordinary times. With the strong suction of vacuum cleaner, it can easily clean the gaps of windows, radiator and computer wall corners. 2. Floor care brush, vacuum cleaner is a good helper. (a suction) (two wipe) (three care) in the dust at the same time wipe the floor, can protect the wood floor, prevent the floor scratch. Brush the floor for the removable washable fiber cotton material, whether it is the dust on the floor, water, or the ground The stains on the bricks that are not easy to remove can be easily removed for you to relieve your worries. It is a necessary choice for your vacuum cleaning. Detachable brush head, which can be removed and washed in water to dry, is more convenient and sanitary for use.

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