Robot Vacuum With Canister

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_9Mymg51n (1,180 points)
1. Laser navigation, Al binocular obstacle avoidance. Smart, further. "Laser eye" is responsible for building the map of the whole house, and the cleaning path is planned; Al binocular camera is responsible for intelligent obstacle avoidance. The breakthrough experience brought by hardware innovation will further improve the intelligence of sweeping robot and adapt to more complex home environment. 2. Stable electronic control water spray, mop humidity is always just good. New constant pressure electric control water tank, through three aspects of accurate control of water spray, accurate spray 2.475ml per minute, so that the mop to maintain the appropriate humidity during the process. 3. Downward pressure is the key to remove stains. To be clean, the mop needs to press the floor tightly. Through constant pressure spring design to maintain stable down pressure, combined with double effect superfine fiber mop, it is easy to shovel stubborn dirt and effectively remove ground stains.

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