Canister Carpet Steam Cleaner

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asked Dec 9, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_9Mymg51n (1,180 points)
Machine Specification: 1. High temperature is the killer of bacteria. It is quick, accurate and harmless. According to research, the lethal point of common bacteria is below 68c for 30min. The higher the temperature is, the shorter the time is. At the same time, it is physically safe and harmless. 2. 140 ° C high temperature steam cleaning, killing bacteria and guarding health. At the time of epidemic, choose high-temperature steam cleaning machine to spray 140 ° C high-temperature steam. The high temperature denaturates the bacterial protein to kill bacteria and protect the health of you and your family. 3. 99.99% killing rate is deep and thorough, reducing household hygiene and cleanliness.

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