Perfect excuse to attempt OSRS gold

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asked Dec 3, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

Perfect excuse to attempt OSRS gold! Ironman mode is what made me get back in the game . It had been an osrs account. I like the notion of an ironman, know any good guides on getting started? What the hell that was fucking incredible, felt as though I had been transported back to age 11 when I had been playing RS during my sister's 6th birthday party and didn't even look over to see her blow out the candles bc I was doing monkey madness

Dude this resonates with me so much. I did Legends pursuit on my aunt's crappy background in the middle of the family Christmas celebration.

I did monkey madness in my aunts house while my parents were on a cruise! It was such a wonderful week. I didnt have to go to college and she let me play runescape the entire time and pumped me up with snacks and stuff.

Dude I'd monkey madness on Cheap Runescape gold my notebook while I took a shit and did not get off the bathroom for like a hour cuz I needed to finish the quest and my leg was red in my laptop getting so hotI promise I am not chastising you when I say do not do that. Sitting in that place is terrible for you and it may really with your gut movements He came years later and said that it was since he held his stink in for too long because he did not want to get off RuneScape because we were so competitive

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