ECO-friendly Colourful Transfer Printing Patches for T Shirt

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asked Dec 2, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LrfrsRAS (480 points)
Product Features: Offset heat transfer, also known as color heat transfer, the feature is that it can be done in any color, with gradual multi-color, bright color, smooth, soft, good tension, and can be used for clothing, luggage , Shoes and other fabrics.Full Color heat transfer patches.

1. Using offset ink, it feels soft and has good air permeability;

2. Bright colors, clear and vivid colors, photo effects;

3. Stretching resistance, good recovery effect; washing resistance (up to 4-5);

4. Good at expressing the fine and shallow effect of patterns;

5. SGS environmental Protection (European standard textile) does not contain: eight heavy metals, phthalates, azo, organotin, paHS, formaldehyde)

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