Embroidery Cotton Fabric Eyelet Lace

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asked Nov 24, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_9MjpUATs (340 points)
This embroidery cotton fabric eyelet lace will be flat and beautiful after we iron it before we ship the order to customer. In the early stage of textile finishing, mechanical and physical methods were used, or simple chemical finishing agents were applied, which were often in a subordinate position in the whole printing and dyeing process. With the continuous development of high and new technology, especially the development of fine chemical products, the continuous emergence of new fibers and new materials, and the change of the object of use, the textiles have expanded from single clothing to decorative textiles, industrial textiles and other fields.
All of these put forward higher requirements for textile finishing. The product performance has developed from single function to compound multi-function effect, including some special functions. The finishing effect has also developed from temporary to semi durable and durable. Textile finishing has got rid of the subordinate position in printing and dyeing process in the past, and plays a leading role in improving fabric quality, increasing product added value and enhancing market competitiveness. http://www.hanslace.com

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