GB Furnace Soot Blower

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asked Nov 23, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_LjoUIZPp (180 points)
Short retractable sootblower are normally installed in the negative pressure area of the boiler, in this case there would be enough ?air absorbed into the boiler, and make good sealing effect of the wall box and sootblower collector. If with positive pressure boiler, it need to equip the special positive pressure wall box, we can provide both of them to ?meet your requirement.LMD-V04 sootblower is used for power plant boiler ash blowing in the water wall field, which is the previous design of LMD-V92 sootblower, ?with smaller volume. It’s very convenient for plant side to install and maintain, no need the special suspension, and occupy less space.Design features:1. ?Compact construction2. ?Easy to maintain.3. ?Manual operation4. ?Perfect protection.

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