Hydrogen Ionic Detox Foot Bath Array

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asked Nov 17, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WvZDq3vS (640 points)
An advanced array. With a larger surface area, ions will be produced faster, thereby achieving a better detox effect. Will be many times stronger than your current standard array. This array is only suitable for SDYFU hydrogen molecular detoxification therapy instrument. The pictures of other arrays are for reference only. They will not apply to the SDYFU brand. Just rinse with water and shake to dry, or use a hair dryer to make them last longer. Easy to clean. The life of the array also depends on the quality of the water used and how much salt is added to the water. The less salt added, the less damage to the array. https://www.sdyfu.net/detox-spa-accessories/detox-foot-bath-arrays/hydrogen-ionic-detox-foot-bath-array.html

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