Best Selling Dual Thruster 2KW*2 Optional Powerful Surfing Ski Jet Water Scooter SeaRover Electric BodyBoard

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asked Nov 13, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_9Vgo7aok (560 points)
1. With a small size of 100cm*50cm*34cm, this motorized electric bodyboard is designed to be easily hand carried and launched anywhere. It can be easily packed into your car and be transported to anywhere.

2. The innovative appearance of the electric body board is totally designed by ourselves. Spaceship shape maximizes the water resistance reduction. Under the same thrust, it reaches the fastest speed.

3. In order to give users the best using effect, motorized electric bodyboard refers to the ergonomic design. Water, propelled by propulsion, flows on both sides of the body, making it extremely comfortable.

4. In addition, the material of the panel is EVA material, which has good softness and non-slip performance. When you are galloping on the water, ductile surface can prevent your skin from being bruised by friction.

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