What Are The Differences Between Essay And Articles?

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Essay and articles are composed of keeping different readers in mind and serves a different purpose. While an essay is an academic composition and an article is non-academic. 


You may often wonder “who can help me with my essay or article?” when you have to submit them but a wise student is one who knows how to do it yourself. 


Today, we are going to share all the differences between these two and help you understand when and why they are written. The more well informed you are about the topic the better you will be at writing it. 


Major Differences Between Essay & Article


An article is written on a specific topic but usually addresses a larger audience. The article can be published in a magazine, website, newspaper, etc. It does not contain the author’s opinion and is usually a generic compilation of facts.


An essay is very different from the article because it’s more of a formal piece of writing. Here the author shares his opinion or presents his analysis based on his findings and existing literature. 


An article may or may not have a set structure but the essay follows a very specific format. Whenever you think or look up “ who can write my essay?” you must know basic information about it. An essay usually has a 5-paragraph structure, which follows an introduction, body, and conclusion. An article can have a title and subtitle with uneven paragraph distribution.





In your student life, you will come across both the content pieces. You may have to write an article for your college magazine and submit an essay assignment as a part of your coursework. Thus, it's best if you know the sharp difference between these two. Hope the points mentioned above will make things clear for you.



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