IK10 LED Street Light

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asked Nov 12, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jRx6Mcr8 (1,400 points)
Single LED’s damage won't affect others' normal work

1000 hours salt spray test report

Vertical and horizontal installation both available

Multiple lighting control options are available

Designed to last at least 100, 000 hours at L70

More than 5 kinds of lighting distributions for options

CE, ROHS, GS, CB, LM80, FCC, IP66, IK10

Protection is provided against output over voltage

System efficiency up to 165lm/w

Module design easy for replacement

10/20KV Surge Protection

Die cast aluminum housing

DALI/0-10V dimmable

UL , CE, ROHS, GS, CB, LM80, FCC, IP66, IK10 certs. https://www.zgsmledlight.com/street-lights/ik10-led-street-light.html

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