How can I install an HP printer driver using

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asked Nov 12, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by brettrudy12 (120 points)

I need an advanced printing machine for printing the documents. I need a printing machine for my printing purposes. So, I have purchased an HP printer, and now I want to set it up properly. I want to set up an HP printer using First of all, I am doing this job for the first time, so I can face problems. I am not sure about this setup procedure. Before the setup process, I need to install the HP Printer driver from I have opened in the preferred browser and entered the model number of my HP printer in the displaying box.  I am following all the displaying steps in the right ways. In the middle of the process, I am getting stuck, hence I need expert’s guidance. So I am sharing this problem with all of you, guys. Can anyone help me to install the HP printer driver using properly?


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