Yeah I cant actually think of buy nba 2k21 mt

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asked Nov 4, 2020 in H&E by bestrsgoldfast (1,600 points)

It's always quite stupid fouls though. You're standing on both sides with the ball, tap square and just clothesline that the  out of nba 2k21 mt coins this man. Like"I am pretty sure that's not what I advised you to perform." My entire defensive scheme is pressing"steal" till I get a reach-in filthy

That's like 99 percent of individuals lol. Good thing the game does not have you attain I teach mechanisms

Well you kind can with"tendencies" in 2k, or at least that's what is it's supposed to be for. Too bad that  don't function like it's supposed too.

Tendencies do assist players. Players with low dip fashions but high avoid contact tendencies will finish like Kyrie instead of Westbrook if you go for a layup for instance. Players with large hard filthy tendencies are also more likely to turn your cube attempt to some WWE move.

Jokic was a monster in Late 2ks because his signature is so great, he just makes every contested layup attempt anyway His most important weaknesses (BBIQ and Block hunting) has been somewhat taken from the equation as you've got improved camera angles.His main asset is his brain and that doesn't translate to a video game.

It's to do with how the centre position values particular characteristics. Bumping all of his passing attributes and badges to max levels doesn't change his OVR

Yeah I cant actually think of buy nba 2k21 mt a better way they could do it though. I get frustrated with the lineups and play with calls that the AI puts out there, but its probably incredibly hard to do it correctly The fashions of basketball played today needs to be a complete headache to attempt to program a match to simulate it.

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