Hankison Air Compressor Filter E5-24

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asked Oct 31, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_sSVb7Ojp (1,560 points)
Replacement Hankison Air Compressor Filter E5-24
Model NO.: E5-24

Delivery: 3-7 Working Days
Quality: a Level
Package: According to You Request
Transport Package: According to Your Request
Specification: Standard
Origin: China
HS Code: 8421999000
Filter media: filter element adopts many kinds of materials, such as glass fiber, wood pulp filterpaper ,stainless steel sinter fiber web and stainless steel wire woven.
Nominal filtration rating: 0.01μ ~1000μ
Operating pressure:21bar-210bar (Hydraulic Liquid Filtration)
O-ring material: Vition, NBR
The critical fact for the proper operation of the engine is to keep the lubricating oil clean, or to ensure no corrosive impurity inside the lubrication oil. https://www.senjiefilter.com/air-compressor-inline-filter/alternative-to-hankison-filter/hankison-air-compressor-filter-e5-24.html

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