Bosch Rexroth Filter Element R928006764

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asked Oct 31, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_sSVb7Ojp (1,560 points)
Replacement Bosch Rexroth Filter Element R928006764

(1) Accuracy: 1um, 3um, 5um,6um,10um, 20um, 25um, 30um,40um,50um,80um,100um,130um,200um, 500um

(2) Material: Glass fiber filter paper-BN, Stainless steel wire mesh-W, Wood pulp paper-P, Stainless steel sintered mesh-V

(3) Sealing Materials: Z- fluorine Aprons, D- NBR

Bosch Rexroth Filter Element other part number:

R928037495 R928037497 R928037500 R928037501 R928037502 R928037503 R928037504 R928037506 R928037507 R928037512 R928037521 R928037522 R928037523 R928037524 R928037527 R928037529 R928037530 R928037531 R928037532 R928037546 R928037551 R928037554 R928037555 R928037557

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