Hankison Air Compressor Filter

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asked Oct 31, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_sSVb7Ojp (1,560 points)
Replacement Hankison Precision Air Compressor Filter


OEM including what items?

* Brand OEM.

* Part number OEM.

* Sizes & Structure OEM.

What's the material of our products?

* National filter material:oil paper/fiber glass/stainless steel mesh/304 all steel mesh,

* Imported filter material: Fiber glass imported from HV company of USA.Oil paper imported from South Korea and ect.

* End caps material: Carbon steel & stainless steel & Aluminum & Machined.

What's is warranty:1 year?

Our warranty is 1 year.it means in the correct installation and normal using condition,if our goods meet any quality questions,we will re-produce for you again for free.

Could I get some samples?

We are honored to offer you samples. https://www.senjiefilter.com/air-compressor-inline-filter/alternative-to-hankison-filter/hankison-air-compressor-filter.html

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