Ladle Gunning Mix

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asked Oct 25, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_scVjG5SG (300 points)
Ladle gunning mix is made of high grade magnesia sad,bauxite and spinel, with unique binders and additives in a reasonable proportion.The content of MgO is more than 78% in grade LGR-M78 and Al2O3 is more than 70% in grade LGR-A70. The ladle gunning refractory is ideal materials for cold and hot repair of ladle slag line and other parts.?Ladle gunning material has the characteristics of high adhesion,high bonding strength,low rebound rate,easy sintering, erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.?ladle gunning refractory physical and chemical parameters:? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?Item??????????????????????????BrandLGR-M78LGR-A70Chemical composition/%,≥MgO7810Al2O3770Bulk density g/cm3,≥110℃×24h2.52.51500℃×3h2.42.4Modulus of rupture /Mpa,≥110℃×24h551500℃×3h67Crushing strength /Mpa,≥110℃×24h15151500℃×3h1825Linear change after reheating %1500℃×3h-2.5~0-1.5~+1.5Packing : 25kg/bag, 1000kg/bag or customer requirements?

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