Rent a Lamborghini in Dubai and live the high life!

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With its glorious open roads and glamourous boulevards, Dubai has rightly earned its reputation as a supercar haven. From rare classics to shimmering new hypercars, the city’s roads are teeming with these exotic machines. While you will find supercars from several different brands in Dubai, Lamborghini holds a pre-eminent position; the Middle East boasts the highest per capita spending on luxury vehicles than any other region in the world. Step into The Dubai Mall any day of the week and you can guarantee that the most sought after selfies will not be with celebrities known to hang out at the luminary attraction in the heart of Downtown Dubai, it’ll be with the supercar.

But Lamborghinis are not for the introverted; there is a provocative bent about them and they are for people that wish to stand out in a crowd. If you want something flashy, noisy and that can provide a very healthy dose of testosterone then look no further from the legendary Italian marque – the preferred choice for many to symbolize and flaunt wealth – but which remarkably started out as a tractor building company!

Today, it is without a doubt the darling to millions of supercar lovers the world over but it wouldn’t even exist if wasn’t for the well-known rift in the early years between its founder Ferruccio and Enzo Ferrari…

Lamborghinis are rare, fast and they make a real statement and all of these factors make them perfect for life in Dubai. They’re so good that even the law enforcement deploys supercars! Dubai Police has built up a high-horsepower arsenal of luxury sportscars and SUVs to complement their fleet of green-and-white patrol cruisers. Amongst their convoy includes an Aventador – but it won’t turn up if you rear-end someone as these cars don’t actually see duty at traffic accidents or engage in high-speed pursuits, instead they appear for special events across Dubai or cruise areas frequented by tourists offering visitors a glamorous image of the Emirate. Dubai is also home to the largest Lamborghini showroom in the world located on Shaikh Zayed Road spanning a total surface of 1,800 square metres over three floors. It has to be big to cater for the large demand for these racing cars built for the road. Indeed for many, one of the first things on their list to buy if they strike it rich would be one of these high performance machines; there is nothing else out there that looks like them and very few which can match the power they possess making them even more exclusive - but they don’t come cheap. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be seriously flush with cash to realize your dreams…

Sure, these Italian supercars cost a very pretty penny but if you are not a millionaire and wish to enjoy the sheer thrill these super models with the Raging Bull badge provide then why not explore the option of renting one? If you shop around you’ll note that they are available to lease at incredibly competitive prices too. You could bag yourself a Huracan, Aventador or even the all-new Urus. The latter may be a departure for the tradition-steeped Latin brand that’s forged its legacy on low-slung, ultra-focused supercars, but the massive global demand for high-riding family haulers means an SUV in the portfolio is an economic necessity – and in true Lambo tradition, it is exhilarating to drive. As an added bonus, it can accommodate twice as many adults than its coupe stablemates!

One such car hire company, Renty, has 11 models available for petrol heads with prices starting from Dh2,500 a day for the 2017 Huracan LP-580 up to Dh9,999 for the Urus and includes free delivery and pickup in Dubai. For a full list of Lamborghinis that are available to hire then head to


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