Y-type Automatic Diaphragm Valve

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Y-type automatic diaphragm valveY-type automatic diaphragm valve Features:1.Y-type automatic diaphragm valve adopts dual control chamber design, to control the internal water flow, so that the control function is more flexible, reliable and durable, totally eliminates the switching defects that single chamber might have.2. Y-type automatic diaphragm valve body and valve bonnet is made from fiberglass reinforced NORYL material, high strength, long service life and corrosion resistant.3. The reinforced rubber diaphragm is molded by special treatment, long service life, and high strength.4. Y shape flow channel design reduces pressure loss, increases water flux.5. Flexible conversion between normally-open type and normally-closed type.6. Spring assisting, water flow restriction and operation display are available also.Working pressure: 1.0-8.0 Bar (1.0 - 8.2 kg/cm2)Working temperature: under 4 C- 50 C.Pictures of Y-type automatic diaphragm valve:Application-multi valves system:Exhibition:Package:Our products have been sold to more than 43 countries:About us:Guangzhou Jieming water Treatment Equipment Co., Ltd.is dedicated to the development of water treatment in Southeast Asia. We have adopted advanced water treatment technology in Europe and America for industrial water treatment, pure water, drinking water, ion exchange systems, reverse osmosis systems, ultrafiltration systems, and undertake all types of water treatment works.We have our own factory to produce tank FRP, disc filter, reverse osmosis water treatment plant, multi valve system. We are also the agents of all kinds of water treatment components, such as Y-type automatic diaphragm valve, backwash valve, fleck valve, Runxin valve, Fobrite valve, FRP and stainless steel membrane housing, PVC bag filter, PVC cartridge filter, distributors, brine valve, brine tank, water tank...etc. You can achieve a one-stop purchase here, saving time, energy and money.FAQWhat`s the payment terms?We accept T/T, Western Union. Full payment needs to be paid before delivery.Can you arrange the shipping for us?Of course we can.Do you have other parts for water treatment?Yes, other products please check our websites.What other service can you offer?Besides the technical support, we can also help you to collect other water treatment products, and ship all of your goods together. http://www.kntank-global.com/y-type-automatic-diaphragm-valve/y-type-automatic-diaphragm-valve1.html

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