The Thesis Process Explanation Session of Master of Science Program was Held Successfully

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asked Oct 20, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by wisepowder (20,960 points)

Mach 15, 2019, the Thesis Process Explanation Session of Master of Science program was held in Room A301, Antai building.To get more news about best Master in Management program in China, you can visit official website.
The session explained the process and tips for the thesis writing of Master of Science program, especially the deadline for every section of the thesis writing and also for all the related requirements. Moreover, to encourage the students to create more outstanding thesis, Antai College also released the special reward to the students who could publish the outstanding thesis on high-level academic Journal.
After that, the Director of Teaching Office - Ms. Zhang Xiaoli analyzed the related data about the thesis in the past to remind the students the important timetable, requirements and also the special tips for thesis writing. Ms. Zhang also analyzed the internship situation for the graduate students to remind the students of balancing the internship and thesis writing.
All the graduate students of Master of Science Program attended the session and listened to the explanation very carefully. Besides, they also expressed it was very important to communicate with the supervisors as more as possible.

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