Bathroom Door Aluminum Louver Frame

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Bathroom Door Aluminum Louver Frame

Product introduction of the Bathroom Door Aluminum Louver Frame

This Bathroom Door Aluminum Louver Frame, the surface is smooth, comfortable to touch, rich in color, and has good resilience and toughness. We need production facilities on the ground to convince our customers. We desire a long-term cooperation with your company.


Aluminum Profiles


1)Thermal break aluminum profile

2)Non-thermal break aluminum profile

3)Powder coated/PVDF/Electrophoresis/Grain

4)1.4/1.6/1.8/2.0mm thickness




1)Plate/Tempered/Laminated/Low-E/Frost/Mixed, etc

2)Single glass:4/5/6/8/10mm, etc

3)Empty;Grill design;Flow design,

4)Lithophane design,etc



1)Material:Stainless steel; Fibreglass; Nylon,etc



Hardware Brand

1)Made in China:Kinlong,Hopo,Chunguang,etc

2)Made in German: Hoppe, Siegenia, Roto

Lock / Handle / Hinge

1)Surface finised:Powder coated/Oxidized

2)Type:With key/without key


Sliding Support /Arm Support

1)Material:304 Stainless steel

A brief introduction to the design requirements for aluminum alloy shutters:

(1) If it is to be used on a window, it is necessary to make samples in strict accordance with the construction drawings and in accordance with the relevant requirements.

(2) When designing, strictly follow the requirements of the above drawings, and also indicate the specifications, models, as well as the size, quantity and specific location.

(3) For the profiles of aluminum alloy shutters, the red flag channel and the phoenix aluminum profile are used.

(4) The fixed wall thickness for the blade is 1.2 mm, and the wall thickness of the frame material is 1.0 mm, and the wall thickness of the blade is 1.0 mm.

(5) The width of the blade is designed to be 6 cm.

Production details

Surface treatment we focus on:

Anodized, wood grain, powder coating, polished and brushed, electrophoresis, ect.

1.What is your monthly production/supply capacity?


2.What is your delivery time?

25-30 working days after getting deposit( depending on quantity).

3.What is your payment terms?

T/T(50% deposit in advance,50% balance before shipment.

4.What about quality Guarantee?

10 years warranty

5. What's your policy for samples?

A: 1) We can provide complete set of the window or door for sample.

2) We can provide a small angel of the window or door.

We will charge the sample firstly,  but we will refund you when you place order next time.

Contact us

Contact: Megan

Mobile: +0086-13590624331

Wechat/WhatsApp: +0086-13590624331


QQ: 104446607


Contact: Sandy

Mobile: +0086-15815922250

Wechat/WhatsApp: +0086-15815922250


QQ: 1054769359


Official Website:


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