How to Perfect Your Cause and Effect Essays

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You will be asked to write cause and effect essays throughout your academic years. These academic essays are most common in the subject of history. Cause and effect involve expository writing where the writer explores several relationships between the subjects. Here the relationship is a causal one.

Subjects of these cause and effect essays allow you to explore how an event came to be or how a certain cause in time caused various events.

Some people take help from an essay writer to help them write the cause and effect essays, as they fail to see past the obvious causes and effects. The more the subject has been written about the higher the difficulty will be for you to produce novel causal relationships.

Make sure to read the essay prompt carefully before you start to write the essay. Many essays don’t give out the objective explicitly and some are even composed of various parts, where each part makes up the whole essay; such that in many advanced essays you are asked to talk about the causes as well as the effects. Therefore, proceed after scrutinizing the prompt thoroughly.



Structure of the essays

The essay structure will be the same for cause and effect essay as any other write my essay when it comes to the specifics of the introduction and conclusion. 


The introduction of the essay will give background information about the subject at hand, and also provide the thesis statement at the end. The thesis statement will put light on the various causal relationships that are associated with the subject and will tell the reader the relationships that the writer is set to explore.

The background information is very important to put the subject in a certain context so that the reader might easily put it in place. This background information can take up a different paragraph after the first one, where the causal relationships and the common opinion is brushed over and presented to the reader of essay writing service

Body Paragraphs

The body paragraphs can be numerous depending on the various relationships that you are going to talk about in the subject. Advanced essays don’t put a limit on the number of paragraphs the main body of the paragraphs, and expects you to provide with the reader, not just an enumeration of the various causes or the various effects, but in-depth analysis into each relationship. 

Though it might be impossible to not state the obvious causes and effects in your college essay, try not to make them the center of the essay: give more space to the relationships and explanations that you have come up with through your research and brainstorming.

There are two ways you can structure the main body so that that the essay prompt can be answered:

  • Many causes - a single effect

Each paragraph will discuss a cause or group of causes and analyze the relationship accordingly, providing examples and evidence to back them up. 

  • Many effects - a single cause

Each paragraph will talk about effect/s, connecting them to the main cause under observation. The evidence and examples will be analyzed in light of the causal relationships. 


The conclusion of the essay will sum up the various causes or the effect that are stated in the college essay help in light of the thesis statement. You shouldn’t add any extra information to the conclusion but only go over the points you have discussed in the body paragraphs. 

The conclusion might emphasize upon the reader the importance of the points you have discussed, especially in comparison to the widely known and obvious causes or effects.


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