Explosion-proof Electric Contact Pressure Gauge

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asked Sep 28, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jUGPXSEN (800 points)
Explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauges wholesale product description dial size :2.5 (63mm), 4 (100mm) and 6 (150mm) material :304, black steel pressure range: 0-100mpa; Optional sports: stainless steel, brass socket: stainless steel, brass spring tube: bronze, stainless steel dial and pointer: aluminum glass: safety glass connection thread, metric thread, NPT, BSP (G, PF), BSPT (ZG, PT) liquid: silicone, glycerin mounting: bottom, back and panel accuracy: 2.5(63mm)-2.5%; 4 (100mm) and 6 (mm) 1.6% control "upper and lower limit contact control operating voltage: AC220V, DC380V and DC24V optional pressure limit stability: 3/4 full scale value fluctuation: 2/3 full scale value short time: full scale explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge application: 1. 2. The pointer of the instrument will make the contact point contact with the set finger, resulting in the cutting and opening of the control system, so as to achieve the purpose of automatic control and alarm. 3. Stainless steel is adopted for pressure measurement, which is suitable for pressure measurement of highly corrosive gas and liquid media. Our services 1. Your enquiry about the relevant products or prices will be answered within 24 hours. 2. Trained and experienced personnel to answer all your surveys. 3. Ensure that the sample quality is consistent with the production quality.+ detailed https://www.hongqiinstrument.com/pressure-gauge/pressure-gauge-for-certain-gases/explosion-proof-electric-contact-pressure9.html

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