Industrial Grade PC

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asked Sep 28, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_jOAd2pmh (320 points)
NX1501/1502, 15'' industrial panel computer, with heat-resistant 5-wire resistive touch screen.
- 15'', 1024x768 LCD with Backlight touch control
- Magnesium Alloy Body with Front Panel IP65
- NX1501, Intel Atom D525, 2G DDR3 RAM(1M cache, 1.8GHz)
- NX1502, Intel Core i5-430UM, 4G DDR3 RAM(3M cache, 1.2GHz)
- Storage: default 32G SSD mSATA, optional up to 256G
- Rich Extensions: Dual RJ45 LAN(1000M), 4xRS232/485, USBx5, VGA, PS/2
- Optional WIFI, Bluetooth, 3G(USB external)
- Windows 7/8/10 OS

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