Androxene- Reviews Price Scam Work Warning Alert

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asked Sep 27 in Cell Tracking by chotadela (120 points)

Androxene world's leading manufacturers manufacturers in a premium high performance dietary supplements our natural breakthrough pharmaceutical grade formulations have taken the market by storm and to in the way we introduce supplements and chemicals into our body and stuff like that and the effect it's gonna have internally to get the desired outcome right that we want so not everything works for unique the desired results please return the empty bottle within 120 days for a full refund that does not mean that the item is defective it is a supplement not an overnight wonder drug burn ah the person who wrote this was definitely salty about people being like it doesn't work oh my god like yeah dude wait a few months that's best not an overnight wonder drug [ __ ] idiots please understand what you are purchasing before you buy I love it did I actually I like these guys dude they're very straightforward they're like look [ __ ] this [

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