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Canzana CBD Oil video and it's such a broad topic that I feel like I need to break it down Jeremy where am I at that's a secret no I'm living in Croatia at the moment Jeremy so I'm in Croatia thanks Mike and you didn't repost her questions so I don't know what you said before fabulous well thank you Mike it's really great to have that they send me another one can you provide can you repeat your credit card number again just to make sure we have the right one yes it's a 51:36 41 1621 eleventy-seven 81 21 and again expires four of one eight one eight the last four digits of your card is eight one two one yes 81 21 correct now a three six digit is five one three six four one yes can you continue that again yeah let me start over here it's 51 3641 six he heard that beep again in the background it's uh Stroh's me off because I'm not

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