CO2 Laser Marking Machine For Drilling Holes

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asked Sep 22, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_W4GGIZt0 (2,960 points)
CO2 laser marking machine for drilling holes

CO2 laser marking machine can quickly drill holes, and the marking range is 500mm*500mm optional.

Advantages of laser marking machine drilling holes:

1. The use of laser to drill holes is fast and efficient, and a larger depth diameter can be obtained.

2. Holes can be punched in various hard, brittle and soft materials.

3. The laser drilling tool is lossless and is suitable for processing a large number of high-density group holes. 4. Laser can also be used to process small holes on the inclined surface of difficult-to-process materials.

5. Different types of laser marking machines can make holes of different materials.

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