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Name is an individual’s identity that stays with a person from cradle to grave. Everyone is known by their name. Parents feel excited to name their child, the feeling yet can’t be expressed in words. Every mother and father pay immense attention to select the suitable name for their new born kid.

Well, under ‘O’ category, you can find the best name ‘Omnia’ for your baby girl. This is one of the most unique and famous name chosen by most of the young parents. With most beautiful meaning, Omnia has been rewarded for its great sense and pronunciation. Though, it has been searched 18209 eighteen thousand two hundred and nine times till the present moment. Meaning of Omnia name can be searched in Urdu and English and also in alternative languages. You will also find names that are similar those listed here.

These 5 letters and 1 word name, OMNIA is a beautiful and adorable name for Muslim girls. The short name has an Arabic origin and is associated with the 3 lucky number. The name is however loved by all.

Along with the exclusive information on the name ‘OMNIA’, we striven to gather all the necessary name analysis and it’s meaning in a great endeavour.

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