Low Temperature - 80 ℃ Refrigerator

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- 80 ℃ low temperature refrigerator main use:

KASSEL series load cooling unit can provide the low temperature of 30 ℃ ~ 140 ℃ -- -- cold agent

KASSEL series of condensing unit for 35 ℃ ~ 145 ℃ -- -- of refrigerant in low temperature

· wide temperature range:

* high coolant temperature - 35 ℃, * low coolant temperature, 145 ℃, meet the needs of different temperature process

· wide cooling capacity range

According to the using temperature is different, single units, 40 ℃ evaporating temperature conditions * big refrigerating capacity of up to 1100 kw

· multiple refrigerants for selection

From the perspective of energy conservation: high temperature grade can be selected in line with the current environmental requirements of China's R22 refrigerant

From the perspective of meeting the international environmental requirements: high temperature level can be selected in line with the international environmental requirements of R404a refrigerant

· multiple imported brand compressors are available for selection

The semi-closed piston compressor, semi-closed double-stage piston compressor and semi-closed screw compressor are optimized from the perspective of energy saving and initial investment according to the required cooling capacity and actual operating temperature. The main brands are German Bitzer, American Copeland, Taiwan Hanbell,

· high reliability

The semi-closed compressor is adopted as the main machine, which not only improves the efficiency of compressor operation, but also avoids the leakage problem of starting the compressor, reduces the cost of after-sales service such as refrigerant addition and shaft seal replacement, and improves the reliability of continuous operation and the convenience of operation.

DE - 80 ℃ low temperature refrigerator full automatic control

Siemens industrial PLC controller, LCD touch screen for automatic operation, with automatic/manual control, parameter setting and calibration, data recording, fault alarm and recording, cumulative running time records and other functions, can be fully automated control, without special management.

· high efficiency and energy saving

At the same time, the low-temperature level evaporator and condenser can choose the imported brand 316L stainless steel plate heat exchanger, and the electronic expansion valve is used for the micro ** regulation of refrigerant, which ensures that the unit can run with high efficiency and energy saving under partial load and full load.

DE - 80 ℃ low temperature refrigerator convenient energy regulation

Based on the compressor itself with energy regulation, equipped with special hot gas bypass energy regulation, can achieve up to 100% of the unconditional energy regulation of the unit.

DE - 80 ℃ low temperature refrigerator and convenient installation and debugging

Most of the units are assembled as a whole in the factory, and charged with refrigerant by the factory, after no less than 8h load test, to ensure that the user site one-time boot success. (the factory is equipped with special refrigerant test bench and refrigerant carrier test bench)

DE - 80 ℃ low temperature freezer energy-saving operation of professional and technical solutions

According to the different needs of users, tailored freezing process for users, to provide users with professional products. Such as: one more temperature, to process with both - 20 ℃ ~ 30 ℃, and there was a demand - 40 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, or both - 50 ℃ ~ 80 ℃, and demand - the temperature of 90 ℃ ~ 120 ℃ (but not used at the same time), can increase the single stage cooling to the user, or the function of the two-stage cooling to the user, fully saving operation cost; In addition, if it is often necessary to reduce the temperature from room temperature to low temperature, the high-temperature stage of the cascade unit can be pre-cooled to a certain set temperature and then switched to the operation of the low-temperature system to fully save the operation cost. For example, oil and gas recovery or all fresh air treatment to a certain low temperature, can be used in pre-cooling and cryogenic refrigeration at the same time, to save the initial investment and operating costs for users.

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