Drawer Buffering Slides

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asked Sep 12, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WKd33wEk (780 points)
Common track types


Two/three-section rails


Steel ball slide rail

This type of track is commonly used in families, among which three tracks are better and more common.


Advantages: compared with powder rail, it is obviously smoother, durable, and has high bearing capacity, and can achieve damping and rebound effects, and the bearing capacity is generally about 30kg.


Third, the bottom pumping

The biggest advantage of bottom drawing is invisibility, which can't be seen when the drawer is opened. The bottom alone will take up space for installation, which will reduce the drawer area. The price is slightly more expensive than that of three tracks. The load-bearing capacity of common models is about 30kg.


Fourth, riding a horse

The two sides are drawer steel side structures, and the drawer only needs to be cut with a bottom plate and a plug at the back, which can be divided into high, medium and low sides, and the drawer with high side needs to be equipped with a fence or glass enclosure.


Here, we need to pay attention to the fact that horse riding refers to the appearance, but there are still roller type, steel column type and gear type inside, and the use experience and price increase in turn, so we must pay attention when buying. https://www.aosite.com/slides/ball-bearing-slides/drawer-buffering-slides.html

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