Elastic Waistband Type Honest Diapers

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asked Sep 11, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_SkbDz1SD (1,100 points)
ote: below diposable diaper are for baby use only.

1. Soft Clothlike Backsheet: breathable and comfrotable: strong enough against being broken.

2. Magic Tape :S shape, re-adjustable , strong and sticky.

3. Super Soft Cotton Topsheet: pear-like shape; make baby feel more soft and comfortable.

4. Huge Absorbency: instantly absorb urine and lock wetness, say goodbye to rashes.

5. Waistband: Super big elastic waistband help it more suit baby shape. https://www.diaperindustry.com/hygienic-product/baby-diaper/elastic-waistband-type-honest-diapers.html

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