100%Flame Resistance Aramid Yarn

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Description of 100%Flame ResistanceAramid Yarn

Aramid fibers are solid fibers formed of heat resistant polymer having a carbon backbone of repeating branched from the aromatic groups. In polyamide fibers, at least 85% of the amide linkages attached directly to two aromatic rings. There are two types of aramid materials. Meta aramid paper required for manufacturing a honeycomb sandwich structure core material. Aramid fibers are a diamine and a diacid halide solution polycondensation made. Oriented para-substituted aromatic units provide rod-shaped polymers. Rod-like structure resulting in a high glass transition temperature and poor solubility. They cannot be spun by conventional methods, so they are prepared by dry-jet wet spinning of liquid crystal polymer solutions.

100%Flame ResistanceAramid Yarn Features

High tensile strength, good impact strength, low density lighter than glass, excellent toughness, high abrasion resistance, excellent resistance to fatigue, good wear resistance, negative axial coefficient of thermal expansion.

100%Flame ResistanceAramid Yarn Application:

They are used in aerospace and military applications, for ballistic body armor level ballistic fabrics and composite materials, high-performance, low weight, flexible body armor, such as body armor Flak jacket. Bulletproof composite material Mobile screen helmet peeling off the lining main armor inserted into the plate bomb blanket vehicle armor. https://www.cxyarn.com/aramid-fiber/100-flame-resistance-aramid-yarn.html

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