Access Protective Booth

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asked Sep 10, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_WAUrLjlS (2,020 points)
* Solid mental frame and thickend glass, the door is durable with high security.
* In the event of emergency, a signal can be sent to the booth controller to command either, the secure, non-secure or both doors to open.
* In the event of a power failure, isolation or after the battery back op has been depleted, the outer, un-secure door will be un-locked and can be manually pushed open. The inner, secure door can be manually opened by rotating a knob located behind the lockable service panel in the top mechanism section of the booth
* Interface: The booth is controlled via a microprocessor activated by 0V cantacts provided by a combination of either, card reader, push button or radar device. As standard the following features are available;
  1. Eight inputs
  2. Eight 0V programmable outputs of which three are used for entry, exit and passage confirmations
  3. Two remote consoles
  4. Alarm contact for telephone
  5. One serial port for RS232

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