Double Turret Vertical Lathe

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Feature of C series Double Turret Vertical Lathe

1. Vertical lathe machine also named vertical turning lathe, vertical turret lathe, suitable for hard alloy and ceramic cutting tool. It is able to have rough and refined machining to inner and outer cylinder, inner and outer conical surface, plane, arc and complex revolution surface of partsmade of ferrous metal, nonferrous metal and some non-metallic materials.

2. Conventional Single-Column Vertical Lathe is a high-tech mechatronics products with high Dynamic and static rigidity, safe and reliable movement, long service life and high processing efficiency, which has adopted the advanced design and manufacturing technology both at home and abroad, implement the latest national accuracy standards, equipped advanced function units. A strong cutting of Structure Performance has been achieved.

3. It is suitable for high-speed steel, hard alloy cutlery and ceramic cutlery, which can make rough and accurate turning for external cylindrical surface, internal and external conical surface, screw thread, circular arc surface and complex curved surface for black metal, colored metal and some nonmetal part.

4. The structure of whole working table is hot symmetrical, main gear shifting mechanism was fixed on the base of working table and the bed of lathe. Table radial centering by high-precision double-line short cylindrical roller bearing, to ensure the accuracy of rotation and improve the carrying capacity of the lathe. Table drive gear and all bearing are supplied with lubricant through specialized oil line by hydraulic system.

5. Gear made of 40 Cr through High-frequency Quenching treatment, the Hardness reaches HRC40-45,gear grinder,Precision can reach level 6.Thereby reduce the vibration and noise of machine tools, improved efficiency and reliability.

6.   Circumstance temperature: 5℃~40℃

  Circumstance humidity:     when 20℃, relative humidity≤85%

  Work power:       50Hz±1HZ,380V±10%, 3 Phrase

  Working noise of machine tool:   ≤85 decibel

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