Computer Cooler

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asked Sep 6, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_SPnWnrEp (240 points)
computer cooler for 3C and IT electronics is made of Stainless steel , formed bymetal injection molding from BRM company. computer cooler is also known as CPU cooling cooler, developing based on years of independent research and manufacturing experience of computer cooler . computer cooler can be tailored or custom-made in-house through our company. BRM can also manufacture more similar products likecomputer heat sink,computer CPU cooling fan and provide one-stop service. Under metal injection molding ,the tolerance of Stainless steel computer cooler can be reached ±0.05 and the dimension of the manufactured parts can be near the net shape. In 3C and IT electronics , metal injection molding is often used to produce computer cooler. In combination with user demands, metal injection molding is optimized and innovated on structural design, equipment configuration and combined application, so as to realize more flexible combinations, computer cooler is greatly applied in not only in 3C,but also IT electronics . Stainless steel is mostly common materials in metal injection molding . Different grades ofStainless steel can also be used in this technology such as SS316L, SS304L, 17-4PH, SS440, SS430, SS420, SS410, SS302

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