Air-cooled Screw Chiller

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A, cassel air - cooled screw chiller overview

Kassel type air cooled screw chiller room temperature 5 ℃ ~ 35 ℃ adjustable type, low temperature and 40 ℃ ~ 5 ℃ is adjustable, can be divided into cold water and hot water machine, the body has a high performance, small volume, low noise, simple operation and long life and other advantages. Using air as circulation medium, no need to consume water, suitable for water shortage areas or places with high requirements for the surrounding environment, and environmental protection. The installation of cooling tower and cooling water pump is omitted due to the adoption of air cooling method, so that the system is relatively simple and can be directly placed on the roof in the open air to save room space. Unit can provide - 5-5 ℃ glycol aqueous solution concentration (10%) and 5 ℃ to 15 ℃ of frozen water, can be used as ice storage, low temperature air supply, air conditioning and all kinds of other places of more than 5 ℃ chilled water requirements of the host, also can provide 30-52 ℃ hot water heating, in the central air conditioning system and the industrial technology is widely used in refrigeration process, meet the demand of enterprise in each place of refrigeration and heating, improve product quality and reduce the enterprise cost.

On the basis of standard model, the heat recovery unit of cassel air-cooled screw chiller has added brianly heater technology to fully recover the sensible heat in the exhaust of the compressor, so that the equipment can not only meet the demand of the above mentioned cold source, but also provide additional high-grade hot water to supply domestic hot water and heating hot water.

Second, cassel air-cooled screw chiller application industry

1. Central air-conditioning in various industries

2. Mold cooling in the plastics industry

3. Cooling of plating bath in electronic plating industry

4. Ultrasonic cleaning fluid cooling

5. All kinds of cooling in chemical industry

6. All kinds of cooling in the food industry

Metallurgy, petrochemical, machinery, medicine, electrophoresis, aluminum oxidation industry cooling

8. Printing, artificial leather, vacuum coating, wallpaper and other industries cooling

9. Dust-free workshop cooling in various industries

Three, cassel air - cooled screw chiller features

1. High-precision large-screen touch screen, industrial-grade intelligent controller and advanced computer control system, full digital Chinese display, connected with external equipment, remote users and control room through standard interface, can achieve the following multiple control functions

2. Independent refrigeration system design, multi-head unit is relatively independent, with less moving parts and reliable operation

3. The semi-closed double-screw compressor with high efficiency and economy is imported, with high energy efficiency ratio, reliable operation and long service life, and equipped with brick exhaust and gas eliminator to ensure the low noise operation of the unit

4. When the compressors of each refrigeration system are under * small load (25%), the star-turn triangle starts with step-down, effectively reducing the starting current and the impact of * on the power grid.

5. The compressor adopts the international brand, and the new high efficiency rotary screw compressor is 20-30% higher than the general compressor in energy efficiency

6. The flexible adjustable design can make the unit continuously adjust energy between 25% and 100% (stepless adjustable energy), ensure the full performance of the press and help users * save the operation cost to a large extent

7. The heat recovery type adopts brick-type heat collector technology, the heat recovery can reach 30%-40% of the cooling capacity in summer, and the heat recovery can reach 75% in winter when the chiller for process is used

8. Passed iso9001:2000 international quality and physique certification.

9. The capacity control system can be divided into four sections (100% -- 75% -- 50% -- 25%) or three sections (100% -- 66% -- 33%) and no section control system

10. High efficiency: 5 to 6 bricks for asymmetric tooth shape

11. Adopt the combined design of 11 bearings and a-type axial thrust balance drums, which can significantly increase the bearing life by 2.5 ~ 3.5 times

12. A variety of refrigerants are available. In addition to R22 refrigerant, you can also choose R134a, R407c,R410,R404a and other environmental refrigerant

13. International outstanding brand thermal expansion valve, solenoid valve, one-way valve and other control elements are selected to ensure the efficient and reliable work of the unit in a wide range of operating conditions

14. Automatic switch machine, according to the scheduled work plan to automatically achieve unmanned operation management

15. Multiple password Settings ensure that the equipment will not be shut down or damaged due to accidental factors

16. After the products pass the kassel factory ** test and the full-load operation test, the refrigerant is taken out of the factory to ensure that the equipment can be started up after the water and electricity are in place

17. Explosion-proof, high-precision and other special models can be customized

18. Multiple protection functions: compressor exhaust over-temperature, motor over-temperature, cold water anti-freezing and other temperature protection: over current, lack of phase, reverse equal electrical protection: refrigerant system high and low pressure, oil level, cut off water and other very state protection

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