Titanium Plate and Sheet

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asked Sep 5, 2020 in 3D Segmentation by swpt_Sl0R0Ozv (1,100 points)
Name:Titanium alloy Plate Grade:GR5 Standard:ASTM B265 Size:δ4.0*500*1000 Chemical composition: Physical property: Tensile Strength:>895Mpa;Yield Strength:>828MPa;Elongation:>10% Bend Test:105° Name:Titanium Plate Grade:Gr1 Standard:ASTM B265 Size:δ3.0*1000*2000 Chemical composition:... https://www.acreemetal.com/non-ferrous-tube/titanium-and-titanium-alloy/titanium-plate-and-sheet.html

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